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"I thought it was going to be a piece of Art but what it's turned into has taken a life of its own"
- Joel Bearden, Brand Communication Manager HJ Heinz

Wall 57 is a historical feast of a timeline – a visual archive of the Heinz brand like no other. Delving deep to tell the unique and inspiring story of a brand that has made one of the most impressive impacts, the wall encompasses past and present to celebrate an unforgettable history.

Initially conceived as a feature by interior architects DEGW (AECOM), Wall 57 now stands as a unique mix of art installation and architectural feature, created by London art collective Acrylicize.

Focusing on five key pillars of Heinz innovation, the wall takes viewers on a tour of the brand’s packaging, production and distribution, marketing, the iconic products and recipes and the philosophy behind it all.

"To do a common thing uncommonly well, brings success"
- HJ Heinz

At first sight, Wall 57 stands tall - 3m tall and 20m long in fact. Upon closer inspection, it’s the depth of content that really catches the eye and engages the viewer. Standing within the newly built Innovation Centre in Nijmegen, Wall 57 has been designed to convey notions of dynamic and progressive design, making use of lighting to add a sense of constant evolution and positive changeability. Neon light encases the history of one of the world’s most famous brands.

Drawing on Heinz's iconic branding and their unforgettable logo, Acrylicize have designed a wall layout using the famous Keystone logo shape, overlaid multiple times to create a unique network of 57 'windows'; each of these windows tells an interesting story about the brand through materials intrinsically linked to the heritage, relating back to the aforementioned five pillars of innovation.

Comprised of many handmade elements, the wall focuses on detail and craft using a series of materials, all deeply connected with the world of Heinz. From the tomato seed and ketchup bottle to the household fork and fridge, it’s on the wall.

The wall celebrates the deep-rooted commitment to innovation that Heinz has maintained for over 100 years. Starting with their inspirational founder, Henry John Heinz, the wall guides viewers up to present day accomplishments of the global operation.

Inspirational quotes by founder H J Heinz are peppered across the wall in celebration of the great entrepreneur and business mind.

Diversity is also celebrated throughout the feature piece with an inventive use of mixed media. Heinz heritage is depicted through carefully selected imagery, retro examples of Heinz packaging and a series of art and audio-visual installations, as well as an interactive text display.

All these stories of the brand emanate from the portrait of H J Heinz, which sits at the centre of the creation, made from thousands of Heinz tomato seeds, naturally.

As an innovative thinker, whose principles still hold strong to this day, H J Heinz’s ethos isn't presented as 'heritage', rather as a set of poignant principles and values, many of which inform the brand's innovations of today. Instead of a chronological timeline, the old and new are presented together on the wall to convey the constant and ever-present impact of the Heinz founder.

The wall is a feast for the senses celebrating all that is innovative and unique about one of the most cherished brands in the world.